Friday, August 24, 2007

Lakers news (sorta) and cyberdunk

I am finally back in town. sorry to all readers who were wondering whether i was having trouble with this blog, like i had with the previous. no problem, just been out of town.

SO the current rumor is that the lakers are trying to get Yi Jialin (or however you spell it) and bobby simmons for kwame brown, mo evans, and jordan farmar. I think that bucks send out someone else to match salaries since they don't right now. and yes, a real insider (not me, Emplay over at Club lakers) has verified that talks are happening. who knows if it will happen, and probably not.

so on a lighter note I want to talk about one of my favorite online things i have been doing recently.I justed wanted to tell people about it because i have been having alot fun playing it. its pretty fun, you start out by creating a player. the stats are created randomly but you can have it redo the stats till you like them. then you pick your preference for where you want to be drafted (by country). after that you improve yourself by training to improve youself. as you get better you can get better contracts to improve more and dominate the game. it is really fun.

I also plan to update people about my character, don stojavsky in all of my posts in the future. so far i am still looking for a new contract. I am trying to improve, but i am kinda bad at betting so it is hard to do.

Monday, August 13, 2007

NEw Blog, new Home, new ideas

well, this blog is replacing the Oddlaker fan blog since i can no longer access it. well to the lakers again. I don't think they should sell the farm and trade Bynum and Odom for Jermaine Oneal. it would be dumb and Pointless. it would make the team worse and make it far more suceptible to injuries. but I feel that Mitchell should be doing in his power to get JO with any other Package.

O Yeah, and Boston go to hell. the entire town is now officially dead to me. you stole KG from us you green bastards. I will never let you rest again. so bookmark my words. But while hating boston i will post this article making fun of them
boston love the pacers